lunes, 25 de abril de 2011

TAGS - A Paranormal Push or is it Pusch?

Now here's a thing, one more learning curve to climb. It seems that TAGS on Amazon are really important. Yes, I know everyone else but me knows this fact, but I have an excuse...I'm slow.

The more TAGS you have, count wise, in a particular category, the more visible you are. This is especially so in the version as there are (right now) less eBooks versus the .com version. So here's my plea...those of you with either accounts or .com accounts who are feeling generous, why not help 26-S by sliding along and clicking your agreement with the tags of Paranormal and Horror. Hey, if you want to click more that's good too, but Paranormal Tags are just up my street.

I promise to let you all know how it goes.

Watch this space...

domingo, 24 de abril de 2011

Actual Sales

As strange as it seems, actual sales in the plural. All of them via There are some encouraging downloads via Smashwords too. No Kindle purchass in the UK yet, but I'm working on the marketing and tagging like mad.

Watch this space...

martes, 12 de abril de 2011

Uploading as we speak!

Yes, it's true, 26-S is uploading (#2235 in the queue) on Smashwords as we speak, and is being checked out for Kindle too. I should be able to say that's it's live on both by tomorrow p.m.

This one has taken a long time to finish, as I needed much more confidence in both detail and plot before taking the plunge. From seeing Manolo Guerrero's original photo, to reading about the Spanish Civil War and experiencing the hurt and anguish which still lives in Spain there passed some time before I felt that I could write this.

Of course the characters and actual events are 100% fictional, however some of the tales of the time are in their own way more harrowing than my own attempts.

It has expanded my own writing style and self-confidence and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did the process.

lunes, 11 de abril de 2011

The Day is Here

I have finally finished my novella 26-S. It has been a long time coming, as it's a new venture for me - Historical Fiction and Horror. There are twenty four short, sharp chapters. My intention was to write this as a fast-paced horror, whose storyline grabbed you by the throat and didn't let go.

We'll see how I did!

26-S will be available on Smashwords and Kindle at $0.99/£0.71.

Hope you enjoy...

viernes, 8 de abril de 2011

Are you Ready?

Obstacles always appear; mounds of bones, rivers of blood or just plain writer's block. For me though, it's been the tortuous and soul-sucking process of self-publication. Yeah, I know that others have trodden the path...but it's just more real when it's you.

So, we are now in the final edit of 26-S. History, misery, despair and vengeance add to the mix and that's just the formating and editing...

Watch this space for the real story...